We all want to see Nelson flourish, and for everyone who calls Nelson home to love living here. While that vision underpins the decisions Council makes every day, we also take many other factors into consideration.

An overarching framework that guides our thinking is the Te Tauihu Intergenerational Strategy, developed over the last two years through comprehensive engagement with the people and communities at the top of the South Island (Te Tauihu). This is ‘Our Regional Strategy for Our People and Place’, the start of the design of the future we want as the people of Te Tauihu.

The partnership that built the Strategy was convened by Wakatū Incorporation, in collaboration with ngā iwi o Te Tauihu, the three councils, central government, and many other community and business groups. It developed a strategy that supported a vison – ‘Tūpuna Pono, To Be Good Ancestors’. It is a new way of thinking about and approaching regional development, ensuring we leave a legacy we can be proud of.

You can find out more about Te Tauihu Intergenerational Strategy here: tetauihu.nz

There are many other important processes, requirements, and guidance documents that we reference. They help us make sure we are honouring our partnership agreements, being good kaitiaki (guardians) of our land and resources, meeting the standards set by central government, and ensuring that the decisions we make today don’t negatively impact future generations. We also need to make sure we are being financially responsible, and don’t burden future generations with too much debt – this is all part of being good ancestors.

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