Current Draft Nelson Plan Engagement has closed

Feedback on the Draft Whakamahere Whakatū Nelson Plan – River flooding, Port Nelson noise management options, and airport zone/airport noise options closed 19 October 2021.

The engagement period for the previous stage of the Draft Whakamahere Whakatū Nelson Plan (the Draft Nelson Plan) closed 19 October 2021. Feedback was sought on three topics of the Draft Nelson Plan – river flood hazards, the Airport Zone and airport noise, and Port Nelson noise management options.

The Draft Nelson Plan is designed to help guide the sustainable management of Nelson’s natural and built environments. It provides a framework for managing how Nelson grows and responds to changing pressures, and for managing the use of our natural environment, including the effects of natural hazards such as river flooding.

This was the latest round of engagement on the Draft Nelson Plan and follows a comprehensive phase of engagement in late 2020 that covered a range of subject matter, including residential, commercial and environmental topics.

Council will focus on releasing a Housing Plan Change, an amendment to the Nelson Resource Management Plan. This will allow Council to push forward with action that will provide greater housing choices and enable intensification, ensuring Council can deliver housing choice for the community as a priority, while also being the most cost and time-efficient process for ratepayers.

Feedback provided on the draft Nelson Plan is being used in the Housing Plan Change and will also be used in future planning work.

Council anticipates that much of the work, such as natural hazard mapping and heritage assessments that went into developing the draft Whakamahere Whakatū Nelson Plan, will be readily transferrable to plans created under the replacement legislation for the RMA.

Ongoing work programmes will also continue where they relate to freshwater planning, air quality and coastal hazards, including the Dynamic Adaptive Pathways Planning (DAPP) work that began in 2020. This work is currently out for consultation. Go to to view the latest information and to have your say.

2020 Draft Nelson Plan Engagement Feedback Received

In October- December 2020, Council sought feedback on the Draft Nelson Plan, with drop in sessions around Nelson as well as online and public meetings. We thank everyone who attended and provided feedback.

Council received over 300 individual items of feedback on the Draft Nelson Plan.

Growth was the key issue for submitters, who expressed strong support for the draft growth provisions, particularly around housing growth and intensification of housing.

A large proportion of feedback received was on the draft Residential zones, with the majority supporting changes to the General residential zone.

Feedback was mixed on the Medium density residential zone, with many seeking changes to the rules. For example, some were seeking less control on the coverage and building standards, while others wanted to protect access to sunlight, retain green spaces etc.

Strong support was expressed for ensuring our urban areas function well and are integrated with other services like public transport, schools, and recreation facilities.

Council also received a lot of feedback about climate change and natural hazards. Many saw the need to do more in this space but also recognised and supported the direction the draft Plan takes to anticipate change and increase resilience.

See a full summary of all the feedback received.

What happens next?

Council needs to do more analysis on a number of issues raised through the feedback process, particularly where change was sought by the community or where further information was needed to inform the details of the Plan. This analysis will go back to Councillors for final direction before being included in the next version of the Plan.

Further public engagement on the Draft Nelson Plan will be advertised once dates are confirmed.

Terms and Conditions

Nelson City Council is making this version of the Draft Nelson Plan available to the public as part of the public consultation process strictly for information purposes only.

While Nelson City Council has made every reasonable effort to provide accurate information within the Draft Nelson Plan it is subject to final legal and technical review and therefore should not be relied on.

In particular, the map is an approximate representation only and must not be used to determine the location or size of items shown, to identify legal boundaries or for any purpose other than as background information relating to the Draft Nelson Plan.

The Council accepts no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of any of the information in the Draft Nelson Plan by any person.