Welcome to Nelson City Council’s Long Term Plan 2021–31 Consultation Document. Its purpose is to put the social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of the Nelson region at the heart of our plans over the next 10 years.

Every three years we develop a Long Term Plan for our City. The Plan looks at the next 10-year period (with a more detailed focus on the first three years) and outlines what Council will be aiming to achieve, how much it will cost and how that activity will be paid for. Consultation helps us make sure we have considered the things that are important to you, and that you are aware of the impact Council’s proposed activities will have on your rates.

This is our Long Term Plan Consultation Document for 2021–2031. It lays out the eight key issues Nelson is facing - we explain what they are, the impact they will have and what we are proposing to do about them. We then ask for your feedback. Whether you agree, disagree or have an alternative suggestion, we really want to hear your views.

We have thought carefully about the feedback we have heard from the community on a broad range of issues, including through the pre-engagement sessions we held last year. Your input has influenced our proposals in this document. It has also helped guide our financial planning and how much money we think needs to be spent to achieve the outcomes you have told us are important to you.

We have considered a wide range of factors such as rates affordability, working in partnership with other organisations, our role in caring for our natural environment, responding to legislative changes, building a strong foundation for future generations, and doing what we can to help ensure positive wellbeing outcomes for the Nelson region. We continue to respond to the impact of COVID-19, ensuring Council plays a significant role in Nelson’s economic and social recovery. We also plan to build on our existing platform of climate change work, intensifying our efforts to address the serious impacts of the climate emergency that we are facing.

In this document we have not included a long list of everything Council plans to do over the next 10 years, or all of the background information that has informed our plans. If you would like to read more information please go to the relevant supporting information, which is readily available on this website.

Once we have received your feedback we will finalise our Long Term Plan 2021-2031 in June 2021, taking into consideration what you have told us.

Note: Figures in this document are adjusted for inflation unless otherwise stated.

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