Phase Two Detour Map - September 2022

We’ve achieved a lot during Phase 1 of this important infrastructure upgrade.

Work to install stormwater, wastewater and water supply pipes is underway, and we’ve installed a large stormwater chamber at the Rutherford/Examiner intersection. As we move into Phase 2, we are slightly changing the detour routes. It’s tough to say exactly when we will move into Phase 2 as the severe weather has meant a delay in work. Once an exact date has been confirmed, we will let residents and Nelsonsians know via our regular channels.

As always, please follow all posted signs and stay within the reduced speed limits. They are there to keep you and everyone around you safe.

All businesses in the area remain open for the duration of the project, and parking is available along the detour route and near the road closure.

What’s happening during Phase 2:

  • Continuing the installation of stormwater pipe in Waimea Road
  • Completing stormwater pipe installation in Rutherford Street
  • Closing Wellington Street to enable connection work at
    the intersection
  • Completing the watermain and sewer installation on the west side of Rutherford and
  • Beginning watermain and sewer installation on the east side of the Rutherford/Examiner intersection

Five seconds

That’s how much time you save by driving at 36km/hr through the Rutherford Street/Waimea Road detour. The speed limit through the detour is 30km/hr and Nelson City Council is asking drivers to slow down and respect the residents.

“Keeping everyone safe during this project is our highest priority,” says Group Manager Infrastructure Alec Louverdis.

“The work on Waimea Road/Rutherford Street is vital and can’t be avoided, but it does mean that a substantial amount of traffic has to be detoured through these residential areas. We’ve lowered the speed limit to 30km/hr and have been monitoring speeds. The data shows that the median speed through the Rutherford Street section of the detour is 36km/hr. That sounds slow, but we need people to go slower and drive like they would on their own street – the time you’re saving on this 200m stretch by exceeding the speed limit is about five seconds, is that worth putting others at risk?

“We have put in a long list of measures to slow people down, including installing an extra VMS board (electronic message board), speed feedback signs, temporary roundabouts, additional bollards to improve traffic calming, and 30km/hr signs. We have also worked closely with schools in the area to help parents and caregivers get their children to their classrooms safely.

“Now that we have speed data, we will also look at introducing more safety measures. New line markings will slow traffic down outside of peak hours by narrowing the road even when there are no cars parked along it, and we are meeting with police to ask them to spend some more time at the detour site.”

Council's contractors for this project (Fulton Hogan) have produced the below video about the Rutherford Street upgrade.

Watch to see a flyover of the works, detour overview, and meet the team of people at Fulton Hogan on hand to deal with any queries you may have.

Rutherford Street infrastructure upgrade - navigate the detour and meet the team

Phase 1 Detour Route - from 18 July 2022

Phase 1 Detour Route

Getting to Hampden Street School safely

School map

Latest Project Updates

Updates on the Rutherford Street - Stage 2 stormwater project

To keep our Smart Little City running well, we need to upgrade and improve some of our older infrastructure, including our stormwater network.

We have already undertaken considerable work along Waimea Road over the last couple of years, and now we need to continue that work down Rutherford Street. Upgrading the stormwater network in this area will reduce the likelihood of flooding to downstream properties from extreme weather events.

The next stage of this work is the Rutherford Street (Little Go Stream) stormwater upgrade – Stage 2, provisionally scheduled to get underway in July 2022.

Stage 2 - Rutherford St stormwater

The next stage of this work will connect a new bigger pipe to the large stormwater chamber installed in 2016