The Private Plan Change 28 – Maitahi Bayview was notified on 8 October 2021 and Council received over 700 submissions and nine further submissions.

All submissions have been summarised and the Council has published the Summary of Submissions’ report. This report summarises the requests the submitters asked for.

This report along with the searchable online submissions database containing all submission and further submissions, are available to view below.

Summary of Decisions requested

Private Plan Change 28 - Maitahi Bayview - Further Submissions

Preliminary Meeting 24 March 2022 video

Private Plan Changes to the Nelson Resource Management Plan – the process -

Appearing at a hearing about a Proposed Plan or Resource Consent (MfE Guide) -

Guidelines for Virtual Hearings

Download a guide for joining a virtual hearing.

Further information for submitters

Applicants Private Plan Change documents as notified, Council decisions and proposed NRMP chapters -

Expert Conferencing Joint Witness Statements

S42A report with addendum

Applicants expert evidence

Applicants rebuttal evidence

Further expert evidence

Legal Submissions

Submitter written statements