Private Plan Change 28 – Maitahi Bayview open for Submissions

Submissions on Private Plan Change 28 are open to the public from 28 October to 8 December 2021.

Making a submission

Anyone can make a submission, including the Council itself. However, if any persons making a submission could gain an advantage in trade competition through the submission, then the person may do so only if the person directly affected by an effect of the proposal that:

  • adversely affect the environment; and
  • does not relate to trade competition or the effects of trade competition.

Help with submissions

A ‘Friend of Submitters’ independent planning consultant, Emily Bayliss, is available to help people understand how to write RMA submissions for the Maitahi Bayview Plan Change.

Friend of Submitters clinics are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Emily can be contacted for an appointment via email or by calling 021 0814 2991.

Contact Emily for an online meeting booking, OR book in to see her in person:

Monday 6 December 10am-2pm Ernest Rutherford meeting room, Mahitahi Colab, Hardy Street.

Please note that vaccine passes will need to be shown on entry to the Mahitahi Colab. If you don't have a vaccine pass, please make an online meeting booking.

How to make a submission

The preferred way to make a submission is electronically.

Other ways to make a submission are:

  • Post – Nelson City Council, Freepost 76919, PO Box 645, Nelson 7040
  • Delivery – Customer Service Centre at Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson.

The submission must be in form 5 of the Resource Management (Forms, Fees, and Procedure) Regulations 2003 and must state whether or not you wish to be heard on your submission.

Download the Submission Form, or pick up a copy from the Customer Service Centre or any of the Nelson Public Libraries.

Extent of Private Plan Change 28 Maitahi Bayview

Public Participation Process

Learn about the Plan Change Process

The process for public participation in the consideration of the proposal under the Act is as follows:

After the closing date for submission, Nelson City Council must prepare a summary of decisions requested by submitters and give a public notice of the availability of this summary and where the summary and submissions can be inspected.

Once the summary of decisions requested is publicly notified, the following persons may make a further submission in support of, or in opposition to, the submissions already made:

  • any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest;
  • any person who has an interest in the proposal greater than the general public has; and
  • the local authority itself.

If a person making a submission asks to be heard in support of his or her submission, a hearing must be held.

Nelson City Council must give its decision on the provisions and matter raised in the submission (including its reasons for accepting or rejecting submissions) and give public notice of its decision within 2 years of notifying the proposal and serve it on every person who made a submission at the same time.