Council had held a hearing for those submitters who advised they wish to be heard publicly. This hearing was held 13-21 July 2022. Independent commissioners are currently deliberating and will provide a recommendation to the Council for a decision on whether to approve the proposed plan change.

The Hearing was livestreamed on Council's YouTube Channel. Recordings are available on the video page.

Applicant's Private Plan Change documents as notified, Council decisions and proposed NRMP chapters can been seen on Council's public website:


16 April 2021
Receive request from developer for Private Plan Change Maitahi

3 August 2021
Request by NCC for further information from the developer

24 August 2021
Amended Private Plan Change request following further information added

21 October - 8 December 2021
Notified to accept public submissions.

8 February 2022
Notification of summary of submissions

8-25 February 2022
Receive further submissions (10WD for submitters to respond)

by 10 March 2022
Acknowledgement letters for Further Submissions

by 10 March 2022
Further Submissions publicly available

by 21 March 2022
Hearing administrator to contact submitters who want to be heard to confirm who will be bringing experts to hearing

15-18 April 2022
Easter Break

by 5pm Fri 3 June 2022
Issue s.42A report to parties

Wednesday 15 June 2022 05:00 pm
Applicants Expert Evidence on Council’s website

Friday 24 June 2022 12:00 pm
Extension to Speaking Time

Monday 27 June 2022 12:00 pm
Submitter Expert Evidence Due
Please submit to

Monday 27 June 2022 05:00 pm
Submitter Expert Evidence on Council’s website

Wednesday 29 June 2022 12:00 pm
Section 42A Addendum hearing report Due

Wednesday 29 June 2022 05:00 pm
Section 42A Addendum hearing report on Council’s website

Thursday 7 July 2022 12:00 pm
Further Expert Evidence Due
Please submit to

Thursday 7 July 2022 12:00 pm
Applicant Rebuttal Evidence Due

Thursday 7 July 2022 05:00 pm
Applicant’s Rebuttal Evidence on Council’s website.

Friday 8 July 2022 12:00 pm
Pre-circulation of opening legal submissions in advance of hearing completed

Monday 11 July 2022 12:00 pm
Submitter Written Statements Due
Please submit to

Monday 11 July 2022 05:00 pm
Submitter Written Statements on Council’s website

Wed 13 - Thu 21 July 2022

Extent of Private Plan Change 28 Maitahi Bayview