The Hearing Panel has released Directions prior to the Hearing to advise of hearing dates, evidence exchange and speaking times.

It is essential that all parties attending the hearing have read and understood the Hearing Panel Directions.

Further Directions may be issued by the Hearing Panel prior to and during the hearing.

Directions from the Hearing Panel

Direction 1 – Hearing Dates and Evidence Exchange
Plan Change 28 is to be heard by independent accredited commissioners: Greg Hill (Chair), Sheena Tepania, Gillian Wratt, and Nigel Mark-Brown.

The following website provides a useful overview of the hearing process and tips on how to present your submissions:

Direction 2 – Facilitated Expert Conferencing and Meetings’
This process is available to those submitters who wish to present at the hearing and/or engage experts on their behalf. The timeframes and requirements for this process are set out in the Direction from the Hearing Panel.

Direction 3 – Continuation of Expert Conferencing
Advising that the Hearing Panel will allow Expert Conferencing to continue after the deadline of 20 May 2022 – in accordance with paragraph 8 of Direction 2.

Direction 4 – Addendum Section 42A Report
The Hearing Panel will allow an Addendum to the section 42A report due to extra conferencing sessions taking place late May/early June. Timeframes as well as new and amended clauses to Direction 1 are set out in this Direction from the Hearing Panel.

Direction 5 - Addendum Section 42A Report and Further Evidence
The Hearing Panel advises that due to timing Further Expert Evidence will be allowed from submitters who have filed Primary Expert Evidence – due by 7 July 12:00pm. The applicant will be able to provide rebuttal evidence to the Further Evidence at the hearing or prior to it.

Direction 6 - Submitters Time Period
The Hearing Panel advises the standard time to speak at the hearing of 15 minutes per submission and the requirement to provide a written request for an extension to that time, for the Hearing Panel to consider – due by 24 June 12:00pm.

Direction 7 - Further Planning Conferencing and Ms Steven's Site Visit
The Hearing Panel advises that some further conferencing may occur, if required during the Hearing and a site visit to the proposed development is possible for Ms Stevens.

Direction 8 - Save the Maitai Late Filing of Evidence and Legal Submissions
The Hearing Panel responds to Save the Maitai Memo dated 27 June 2022.

Direction 9 - Excusing Expert Witnesses
The Hearing Panel advises that specific experts will not need to present at and/or attend the Hearing.

Direction 10 - Response to Save the Maitai and the Applicants Flood Event Memos
The Hearing Panel responds to the Save the Maitai Memo asking to have the recent flooding event considered by the Hearing Panel prior to their recommendation, also addresses the Applicants opposition Memo.

Memos to the Hearing Panel