Statutory form for Notice of Requirement (NOR) by Nelson Airport Limited for an alteration of designations under section 181 of the Resource Management Act 1991 - Form 18.

The Notice of Requirement under Section 181 of the Resource Management Act 1991 received by Council alters Designations DAA1, DAA2 and DAA3 in Appendix 24 and on the planning maps in the Nelson Resource Management Plan to provide for the construction, operation, use and maintenance of the northern runway extension to Nelson Airport, with associated amendments to the airport’s Airnoise Boundary (ANB) and responsibilities for aircraft noise and to the Airport Height Restrictions (or Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS)).

  • DAA1 Aerodrome (Nelson Airport) protects the operational capability of the airport and provides for associated development of aviation and ancillary activities. The spatial extent of DAA1 is to be amended to enable extension of the existing main runway to the north, and to land that NAL owns east of Jenkins Creek. The designation is also to be amended to update its purpose, to confirm the nature of works, activities and facilities authorised and associated with the airport, and to clarify the conditions associated with the designation, in particular those required in establishing the northern runway extension.
  • DAA2 Airnoise Boundary Controls imposes limits on the level of aircraft noise that the airport can generate. The spatial limit of the ANB is to be updated based on contemporary modelling, fleet mix, growth projections and, as with the OLS, a composite of future activity on the main existing runway and its northern extension. The designation is also to be amended to confirm the Airport Operator’s responsibilities in terms of noise exposure management, monitoring and compliance, to confirm the conditions of the designation in its restrictions on aircraft operations, to establish requirements in terms of monitoring and mitigation, and to provide for the role of the Nelson Airport Noise and Environmental Advisory Committee.
  • DAA3 Airport Height Restrictions imposes height limits on activities and structures in order to protect aircraft manoeuvring in and out of the airport, to meet Civil Aviation requirements. The spatial extent of the OLS, a set of spatially defined surfaces associated with operation of the airport’s runway system and above which airspace should be kept free of obstacles, is to be updated.

After the closing date for submissions, the Council is required to hold a hearing if requested by submitters. In any event, the Council will consider the proposal and any submissions and must make a recommendation to Nelson Airport Limited, as the requiring authority, whether the notice of requirement to designate should be confirmed, modified, or withdrawn, and if confirmed or modified, whether any conditions should be imposed.