Submissions are now closed. Hearings and deliberations on the draft Regional Land Transport Plan and the draft Regional Public Transport Plan were completed in April.

The amended Nelson Tasman Regional Public Transport Plan 2021-31 was lodged with Council for consideration. The approved Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-31 can be read here.

Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP)

The RLTP is a critical document for Te Tauihu o Te Waka-a-Māui (Te Tauihu) or the “Top of the South Island’. It is a joint plan to develop a 10 year transport vision, and has been developed between Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency), Marlborough District Council, Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council.

The RLTP underpins all of the region’s road network and transportation planning, and identifies the investment priorities over the next six years on both the state highway and local road networks.

A core requirement of the RLTP is that it must be consistent with the strategic priorities and objectives of the Government’s Policy Statement on Land Transport and take into account the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy.

The vision of this RLTP is to have a safe and connected region that is liveable, accessible and sustainable.

Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP)

The RPTP details the investment programme required to enable public transport (PT) to play a key role in the delivery of a multimodal sustainable transport future for the Nelson Tasman region.It will combine with other key strategies to contribute to achieving carbon emission reduction targets set by Central Government.

This RPTP has been prepared to deliver a step-change in the public transport network and system in the wider Nelson Tasman area over the next 10 years. It focuses on delivering a system that builds on the existing services, supports accessibility and good urban design, provides a larger proportion of our residents with a viable alternative to using the private car, is sustainable, and affordable.

It has been prepared as a partnership between Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council, with our funding partner Waka Kotahi, with the intent of providing the wider community with an aligned, improved public transport service integrated across the district.

Proposed routes

Submissions are now closed.

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