The Maitai River flood modelling has generated flood mapping for an extreme 1% AEP flood in the Maitai River for the present day and a range of future time frames.

These maps show how the extent of such a flood would be expected to increase in future due to increasing temperature (resulting in higher intensity rainfall), and sea-level rise.

Flood animations have been prepared by the flood modeller, Tonkin + Taylor, for the following flood events:

Each flood animation is a video showing the onset of flooding through to peak flood flow, and then the gradual reduction of flooding during the flood recession. These animations help us to visualise how flooding is likely to occur during a major event. The timing of river overflows at various points along the river channel can be observed, and the animations also shows overland flow paths, and the gradual accumulation of flooding in basin areas. In the larger future flood events, flows from the Wood eventually overtop the State Highway and discharge directly into The Haven.