Nelson City from Centre of New Zealand

Council has been working on a change to its district plan, which has involved conversations with the community over what the future might look like. The Government has also encouraged councils to reduce restrictions on housing developments and to provide for more intensive housing.

This Plan Change 29 is an important part of addressing Nelson’s housing challenges. There is no simple fix to growing housing supply and improving affordability but getting Nelson’s planning rules right is the most important contribution Council can make. It needs to be complemented by investment in infrastructure, getting inflation and interest rates back down, training more skilled tradespeople and getting greater innovation into building materials and construction methods.

The intent behind Plan Change 29 is to make more intensified housing easier to build. The benefits are more housing, less land being taken up, more people being able to live closer to the city centre and less pressure being added to our transport networks. However, getting the planning details right really matters. We welcome community engagement and feedback so we can refine these proposals. This is about working together to make Nelson an even better place for future generations.

Hon Dr Nick Smith – Nelson Mayor