Further Submissions on Late Submissions S948 and S949

Summary of submissions

Council officers have carefully read each submission made on Plan Change 29 and produced a summary of decisions requested for more than 9,000 submission points raised by the community. Due to the size of the summary documents, these are available to view using the online searchable database, download below, or to view at the Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson and Stoke Library, 35 Putaitai Street, Stoke.

Withdrawn submissions

Submission S935 Boffa Miskell Nelson (Liz Gavin) - withdrawn 12 February 2024.

Original submissions

Plan Change 29 was publicly notified on 11 August 2023 and closed for submissions at 4:00pm Tuesday 31 October. Council received 880 submissions, each containing multiple requests for consideration, and these are published in full below.