Requesting Expressions of Interest for Nelson City centre properties

Nelson City Council is calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for three City Centre properties with the goal of revitalising the City Centre.

42 Rutherford Street

25 to 27 Bridge Street

3 Halifax Street

All information is also available on the Government Electronic Tender System (GETS) -

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All questions regarding this opportunity and their answers will be posted below, and on GETS.

Nelson is the main urban centre at the heart of Te Tauihu (Top of the South). We are lucky to live in a beautiful, growing region that people are proud to call home. Our stunning environment and creative spirit keep us here and continually attract new businesses, residents, and visitors.

Doing business in Nelson is straightforward. Innovation thrives here, making Nelson the cultural and commercial hub of the Top of the South. The city has a population of 55,600, with a wider regional population of 115,000. We excel in business success stories, from established companies to exciting new start-ups.

Our regional economy is shaped by the land and sea, supporting our leading primary industries: the blue economy, horticulture, and forestry. These sectors are bolstered by our thriving, world-leading science, technology, engineering, and data/IT sectors. Our visitor economy is also crucial, leveraging our natural advantages and investments in the arts, events, and sports.

We are continuously expanding our business collaboration ecosystem, offering numerous opportunities to connect and collaborate. Nelson is a place where you can be productive while living a purposeful life.

Nelson City Council is committed to enhancing the city’s economic and social vibrancy. One way we are achieving this is by prioritising the economic health and vitality of the city centre.

In the Long Term Plan 2024 - 2034 (LTP), Council has planned civic investments to enhance the city centre. These include the “Bridge to Better” project, tactical enhancement projects, developing a bus hub at Millers Acre, investing in the marina and links from the city centre to the sea, and investigating a new or renovated civic house, library, and community hub to ensure our city centre thrives.

Additionally, Council has identified three key city centre properties to test the market for private investment. This is an exciting opportunity to purchase or lease prime city centre sites for innovative development proposals that will contribute to city centre revitalisation, in line with the most significant public investment the city has seen in decades.

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REOI process overview

Respondents are requested to express their interest in purchasing (or leasing in the case of 3 Halifax Street) for a development that supports city centre revitalisation and/or increased residential living.

If shortlisted, respondents may be invited to submit concept plans and a design statement in a Request for Proposals (RFP) process, where Council will evaluate proposals against city centre activation objectives and consider the price offered for the land/lease.

Process to select developer

The selection process for developers may consist of two phases:

Phase 1: Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI)

Interested parties respond to this REOI and provide the information requested in Appendix 4.

Council will consider EOIs and shortlist a few parties (shortlisted parties) for Phase 2: Request for Proposals.

Shortlisting criteria is described in Appendix 4: Form of Response.

Council reserves the right to negotiate with a preferred development partner from the EOI process without proceeding to a Request for Proposals (RFP).

Phase 2: Request for Proposals (RFP)

Shortlisted parties may be invited to submit commercial terms and a purchase price for the sites, along with a design statement and concept plans. Council may invite non-shortlisted parties to submit proposals in the RFP process and may require shortlisted parties to sign a confidentiality deed before issuing them with an RFP. Council may select a preferred developer from the RFP process and negotiate with proposal submitters to amalgamate proposals.

General factors for selecting the preferred developer include:

  • Ability and capacity to deliver the development in a timely manner and contribute to city centre activation
  • Proposed commercial terms
  • Quality of the development proposal
  • Other relevant considerations
  • Upon Council approval, Council may negotiate with the preferred developer(s) to finalise the development proposal and an agreement for sale or lease of any of the sites.

    In addition to the timeline for this REOI set out in Section 1.4 of Appendix 1, an indicative timeframe of the process is as follows:

  • September 2024: Council workshop/meeting
  • November 2024: Shortlisted parties are selected out of this REOI process
  • January 2025: Request for proposals issued
  • April 2025: Proposals considered and preferred developer(s) selected
  • May 2025: Council considers sale or lease to preferred developer

  • Council’s investment in the city centre

    Council is investing significantly in the city centre to boost its vitality and promote economic and cultural activities. This investment includes innovative public space designs, hosting engaging events, improving connectivity and infrastructure, and ensuring collaboration between Council and businesses.

    Cit Revitalisation Summit

    Watch the City Revitalisation Summit and hear the aspirations for our city