Climate change is impacting organisations in various ways. Climate change adaptation is required to reduce threats and maximize opportunities presented to Council in its assets, operations, and services. This section focuses solely on Council operations, identifying climate change risks and opportunities to reduce those risks, as well as opportunities to increase resilience and reduce vulnerability. The process that Council will follow will be aligned with ISO 14090 (Adaptation to climate change – Principles, requirements, and guidelines). By following an international standard, Council can develop measures and report on adaptation activity in a verifiable way. Council will be also able to demonstrate that its approach to climate change adaptation is credible.

We are taking a whole-of-Council approach to make this transition. For example, we have embedded this thinking in the Infrastructure Strategy, which looks forward 30 years to identify climate issues that could affect our core infrastructure as well as providing options to address these issues. The Local Government Leaders Climate Change Declaration also provides guidance for this work.

Risk Identification

Alignment with Council’s Risk Register. Review identified climate risks with reference to Council’s risk criteria and capture relevant risks in Council’s Risk Register. This action will involve the following tasks:

Undertake a risk assessment to identify and assess impact on Council’s ability to:

A Maintain public safety

B Protect and enhance the local economy

C Protect existing community structures and the lifestyle enjoyed by the local people

D Manage our natural and built environments

E Ensure sound public administration and governance

Include the Council’s insurer in the risk management discussion

Implement ISO 14090 (Adaptation to climate change – Principles, requirements, and guidelines) in Council operations to reduce risk, increase resilience and reduce climate vulnerability in Council buildings.

Identify natural hazard risks under the Resource Management Act, Local government Act, Building Act and others.

Projections of climate change depend on future GHG emissions, which are uncertain.

Regional projections for the Nelson Tasman region: