The Bay View area is growing, and there will be more homes in the area in the near future. With a growing number of homes, we will see more traffic, both vehicles and active modes of transport (e.g. biking, scootering or walking).

It was identified that the current entrance to Bay View Road poses a risk to road users. Cyclists and walkers come off the shared pathway and cross Bay View Road unprotected. As the road is a State Highway, vehicles often travel at speed before they turn into Bay View Road.

Our expert transport engineers have designed safety measures to help slow traffic turning into Bay View Road and to provide a refuge so that cyclists and walkers don't race across the intersection, but can take their time to do so safely.

We have worked with Waka Kotahi (New Zealand Transport Agency), and they are happy with the proposed design (see below). It is worth noting that the width of the State Highway is not affected, just the entrance to Bay View Road. This slows vehicles down and means they are less likely to pose a danger to cyclists travelling along the shared pathway.

This will make the entrance and exit from Bay View Road safer, now and into the future as the area grows.

These safety improvements were identified following resident feedback in 2021.

Bay View Road - safety improvements