Concerns were raised regarding safety on Bay View Road in 2021. In order to address these concerns, parking was prohibited between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm at a number of locations on Bay View Road. These parking restrictions have been in place for approximately six months.

Further development is occurring at the top of Bay View Road, which will result in increased traffic volumes on Bay View Road. Council is now looking at the next steps and would like to hear your thoughts about the parking restrictions, how effective they have been at improving safety, and whether they should be extended to address increased traffic volumes.

Next steps

The feedback from residents on the parking restrictions will be used (among other criteria such as speed surveys and expected growth in traffic volumes) to assist in developing a final parking plan for Bay View Road. This plan will consider whether to remove the restrictions, extend or reduce the time or length of them, or leave them as they are.

Any changes to the current parking arrangement on Bay View Road will be decided by the Hearings Panel - Other early in 2023.

Please either complete the below survey. Alternatively you can drop your thoughts to our Customer Service Centre, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson, or by freepost:

C/O Nelson City Council, PO Box 645, Nelson 7040. Freepost 76919.

Feedback is to be received by 9 October 2022.