Proposed options for Bay View Road

Thank you to all the residents who came to the recent community meeting, and have let Council know their concerns about Bay View Road.

A number of options were put forward, including:

  • To decrease the speed limit to 30 or 40kph for the entire length of Bay View Road, from SH6. Council are currently reviewing speed limits throughout the City and one option being assessed is to reduce speed limits on many roads to 30kph or 40kph. The review is a lengthy process, and it will be some time before changes can be put in place.
  • To trim vegetation on road reserve at bends and intersections along the road to improve visibility. A review of sight distances at the intersections and bends on Bay View Rd indicates vegetation in the road reserve is obstructing forward and intersection visibility. We propose to reduce the height of this vegetation to less than 1m to enable better visibility while still maintaining some landscaping. The locations are shown on the attached plan, much of this vegetation is being maintained by the residents, however, given the potential impact on road safety, it is proposed that the height be reduced.
  • To install no stopping from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm – Monday to Friday - as per the above plan (subject to approval by Council for inclusion in the Bylaw). Concerns were raised about traffic having to cross the centreline to pass vehicles parked on the bends on Bay View Rd with restricted forward visibility of oncoming traffic. The proposals shown on the attached plan introduce parking restrictions during the proposed times but will allow on-street parking overnight. This will require signs to be erected on the kerbside to inform drivers of the restrictions.
  • To do nothing. Do you consider anything needs to be done to improve road safety?

These options were discussed, and a number were implemented including vegetation clearance and no stopping.