At the 22 September 2022 meeting, Council adopted E Tū Whakatū – Nelson’s Active Travel Strategy 2022-32.

The agenda item can be seen here.

E Tū Whakatū - Nelson's Active Travel Strategy 2022 - 2032

Creating a sustainable transport culture is a key priority in Nelson City Council's 2021-31 Long Term Plan, written after Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019.

Encouraging people to walk, cycle or use public transport is one of the key ways in which we can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport.

This Active Travel Strategy, gifted the name “E Tū Whakatū, is a call to action to change how we travel. It is part of a suite of transport and planning strategies that aim to support the zero carbon emissions by 2050 target. Together, they provide the framework for Nelson to tackle some of the biggest transport and urban challenges currently faced. Including, climate change, car-dominated urban environments and a lack of safe, accessible, comprehensive and sustainable transport options.

E Tū Whakatū – Active Nelson focuses on providing the framework and guidance to change the way we travel. It will deliver a programme of investment in walking and cycling over the next 10-15 years, that will change the way we travel so it is more sustainable, reducing carbon emissions and private car use. The plan has been developed for all age groups and abilities to promote the broader well-being of all our community.

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A video summary of the draft Strategy - watch it now!

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