The Three Waters reform programme has changed. It is now the Water Services Reform Programme.

Information from the DIA can be seen here.

Further information is available here.

Click the Map to see the new entities and boundary areas

Click here for a Public factsheet: Reforming our water services

This factsheet covers information about water services, why reform is needed, the Government’s reform plan and what’s changing, and the benefits the reform will deliver for New Zealanders.

The Government is implementing reform of water services through a suite of legislation:

The Water Services Entities Amendment Bill is currently with the Select Committee (from 22 Jun 2023). The bill progress can be seen here.

The Government intends to pass all legislation to give effect to the water services reforms before the House rises for the General Election on 31 August 2023.

Three waters reforms

Updates from Nelson City Council on the Three Waters Reforms

Nelson City Council's approved submission that was submitted to Parliament can be read here.

The supporting Appendix submitted to Parliament, including all Public feedback, can be read here.

The submission from Te Tauihu iwi and Councils, requesting to be part of Entity D can be read here.

Parliament has completed the submission period for the Water Entities Reform Bill.

Submissions opened on 10 June 2022 and closed on 22 July 2022.

Nelson City Council sought public feedback to inform its submission. This included public forum-style meetings where members of the public spoke to elected members.

Council received a draft submission at its meeting on 12 July 2022. The report can be seen here. The final version of the submission is linked to above.

An overview of the Three Waters reform can be read here - or see the detailed information to support submissions. More information is also available on the below links:

You can visit or the Department of Internal Affairs webpage for more information.

Independent Frequently Asked Questions relating to the reforms have been developed by LGNZ (their latest Q&A can be found here). A significant amount of information is available on their website.

The Department of Internal Affairs has also produced some FAQ's about the reforms.

FAQ's relating to the dashboards can be found on the DIA website.