The approved Out and About - On Tracks Strategy can be read here.

The Nelson region has some of the best off-road trails in the country. They are being used by more and more users, which had created some challenges.

To address these challenges, the Out and About - On Tracks Strategy was developed.

The original strategy was adopted in 2016 and has now been reviewed.

While a number of the recommendations from the previous strategy are reflected in the 2021 – 2031 Long Term Plan, the updated strategy aligns it closer with the Council’s Parks and Reserves Activity Management Plan processes.

Our Vision

Nelson is a city held in high regard regionally, nationally and internationally for its well balanced, easily accessible, sustainably and collaboratively managed network of often scenic front country off-road tracks, that provide enjoyable and safe recreation opportunities for all users, while positively contributing to the local economy and demonstrating environmental stewardship.

Our Aim

To maximise recreation opportunities and enjoyment for all front country off-road track users and minimise environmental impacts or potential conflict through effective track design, management and by fostering mutual respect between users.

Key initiatives

  • Continue fostering a positive relationship with Ngāti Koata who are significant recreation landowners
  • Improve balance in network – e.g. increase supply of easier trails (progress Maitai Valley Floor route upgrade in short term)
  • Over the next three years, shift the focus from expanding the mountain biking network towards targeted trail upgrades within the existing network
  • Establish a Track Advisory Group to oversee strategy implementation (e.g. prioritise and decide on new trails)
  • Initiate a Track Users Forum to meet annually to collaborate and discuss issues and opportunities
  • Ensure an environmental lens is applied to decisions
  • Make the Grampians Reserve and Eureka Park pedestrian only

Note: this Strategy is separate from the Out and About Strategy, which focuses on urban walkways and travel.