The City Club lease at Kinzett Terrace is due to expire in November this year. The club currently occupies the building along with Tasman Rugby Union (TRU).

The clubs have approached Council with a proposal, that will allow both parties to expand and develop their activities.

TRU owns a building at Trafalgar Park Lane. They have proposed that the City Club purchase this building. The sale is dependent on the City Club being approved for a "ground lease" from Council for the building.

Purchasing the building at Trafalgar Park will provide a home for the City Club for the next eight years. The current activities of the club include snooker, darts and other indoor sports. These will continue along with the operation of a members-only bar.

These will continue along with the operation of a members only bar that will be subject to the operational requirements of a Club Licence including regular monitoring checks.

Should the sale go through, the lease to TRU at Kinzett Terrace would need to be varied to allow them to lease the entire building. This will allow TRU to relocate their whole organisation to one building, establish a high-performance unit, provide Mako team rooms for men's and women's rugby, and to install an all-weather turf on the outside area.

TRU has confirmed that if the proposed changes go ahead then the all-weather turf would be available for bookings by other groups and sports. It will also be an asset for junior rugby games.

For more information then please check the Public Notice here.

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Submissions closed: 19 April 2023 at 4pm