Funding for making the Innovating Streets changes permanent will be allocated in the 2024 - 2034 Long Term Plan. A big thank you to the public for all your input into this project, which has made Nelson South Streets safer.

Innovating Streets - Project Updates

Background and Phase 1 results

Residents of Kawai South, Tipahi and Tukuka Streets will benefit from a new people-first road layout after Nelson City Council’s application for Innovating Streets for People funding was approved by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets for People programme aims to make it faster and easier to transition our streets to safer and more liveable spaces.

The project will involve traffic calming measures to be installed in the Kawai Street South/Tipahi/Tukuka St area.

These measures could include colourfully designed on-street art, planter boxes, build-outs from the kerb that will partially narrow the street, astroturfed sections at street corners and speed cushions.

The areas that are built out further onto the street are designed to be used for community spaces, such as picnic tables, community gardens and areas for community artwork.

These Phase 1 changes are expected to be implemented prior to Christmas, with further co-design being undertaken with the community in the New Year to extend the project.