Submissions have now closed.

What is the Future Development Strategy?

This short video provides an introduction to the Future Development Strategy (FDS) or you can listen to this podcast to learn more [WAV, 102 MB].

You can check out a map version of the draft FDS here or the draft document here. This is the best way to understand where the proposed FDS growth areas are located.

Formal consultation on the new draft FDS 2022-2052 ran from 14 March 2022 to 14 April 2022.

Hearings are scheduled for April and May and following deliberations the FDS may be adopted by both councils in July 2022.


Read the agenda (external link).

Recordings of the hearings can be viewed on the Tasman District Council YouTube Channel.

Next steps

With submissions now heard, both Councils will meet again for FDS deliberations on 31 May and 2 June. The public can join the meetings via Zoom.

The FDS Subcommittee will then deliberate on the submissions feedback and make some policy decisions for the FDS for the Joint Committee of the Nelson and Tasman Councils for their meeting on 27 July 2022. Adoption of the final FDS document is likely to happen in August at a date yet to be confirmed.

The proposal for consideration

The proposal currently out for consultation under the Special Consultative Procedure comprises a core part and a secondary part. The map below shows the proposal as a whole. You can view a larger version here. [PNG, 1.1 MB]

The core part of the proposal is to accommodate growth largely along State Highway 6 from Atawhai to Wakefield, by intensification and greenfield expansion and some rural residential areas. This could provide for approx. 26,000 new homes and 48% of the capacity would be provided by intensification, with 52% provided by greenfield expansion, across the Nelson-Tasman region.

The secondary part of the proposal is the creation of a new community near Tasman village and includes land at Lower Moutere (Braeburn Road) providing up to 3,200 homes. While the three sites near Tasman village and the Lower Moutere site are not part of the core FDS proposal, as they are not needed to meet housing demand, the decision has been made to include the sites in the proposal to obtain views of the wider community.

Further information

The potential growth areas are shown both in the documents below and in the interactive GIS viewer. The GIS viewer also shows opportunities and constraints in the region.

Read the combined summary document and draft FDS (pdf 8.9 MB).

For information on methodologies and how the analysis was undertaken read the technical document [PDF, 9.7 MB].