Project updates

The August 2022 weather event hit the Cable Bay area hard, causing a number of slips along the road. Thankfully, work from previous weather events performed as expected, and the road was able to remain open with one lane.

There are three major slips that have undermined the road, causing it to be a single lane in places. The sites are challenging slips to repair, with significant drop offs and unstable ground conditions.

The consultant design engineers have come up with three site specific designs, consisting in of concrete mass blocks, timber retaining walls and ground anchors that are tied to the underlying rock.

Donaldson Civil (who have previously worked on slips in the Cable Bay area) have been awarded the contract to do this work. They will start on site in February 2024 and the project will finish in June 2024.

To undertake these repairs the contractor will need to close the road at various stages of the project. These road closures will be between 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to -3:00 pm. They will only occur when necessary for construction.