The August 2022 weather event hit the Cable Bay area hard, causing a number of slips along the road. Thankfully, work from previous weather events performed as expected, and the road was able to remain open with one lane.

There are three major slips and one major culvert that need remediation. All have been assessed with preliminary solutions determined. Detailed designs and resource consent planning are underway, and are scheduled to be completed during this financial year (after contractor procurement).

The tender will go out for this project shortly. We have to work through this process as part of the Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency) procurement policy, which will make this project eligible for a subsidy.

Construction is planned for the drier months in Summer, which will lower the risk and it means we can get the job done quicker.

Council’s Annual Plan has provided the necessary budget this financial year to complete this work.

As you drive into Cable Bay the repairs will be as follows:

  • Slip One between 529 and 574 will be a new Mass Block Wall
  • Slip Two between 580 and 636 will be a new Mass Block Wall
  • Slip Three near 660 Cable Bay will new a new Mechanically Stabalised Earth Wall

Each of these repairs will return the road back to two lanes.

Council’s contractors continue to undertake maintenance on all surface channels and drainage, including cleaning culverts to ensure these systems are ready if we get more heavy rain.

You may have noticed some other work that is being done to help prevent further damage such as the installation of asphalt bunding, and the tarpaulin covering the most severe slips to protect it from further erosion during future rain events.

All winter maintenance work including reducing the amount of traffic management signs and cones was completed by the end of July.