Purpose of the grant scheme:

To enable NCC to partner with the community on delivery of the Taonga Tuku Iho Heritage Strategy and the He Tātai Whetū Arts and Creativity Strategy.

To enable NCC to partner with individuals and community groups to deliver experimental, innovative, and fresh arts and heritage projects in Whakatū /Nelson.

To support and maximise representation from diverse voices, ideas, and cultures for all to experience.

Examples of past grants:

Creating a women’s suffrage protest flashmob experience in the central city to commemorate the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

Delivering a new sculpture symposium in Nelson to share the joy of sculpture and our connection with the environment.

Painting a new mural on a private property in a highly visible location.

Presenting a theatrical performance and a light art experience to acknowledge the anniversary of Parihaka and Nelson’s part in that story.

Running a rangatahi mural training course to enable artists and students to share knowledge and skills on mural painting.

Funding available:

The total Arts/Heritage Partnership Grant fund for the 2023/2024 financial year (July 2023-June 2024) is $50,000.

The amount of funding awarded to each project will generally be between $500 and $4000. Larger sums may be considered, where projects can demonstrate significant participant involvement or otherwise be particularly influential/noteworthy in their impact.

To proactively encourage delivery of Toi Māori or Taonga Tuku Iho Māori projects, 50% of the funding resources have been ringfenced for applications in that space.

What is not funded:

Activities held outside the Nelson City Council administration area.

Activities organised by, or in support of, political parties.

Purchase of privately owned assets or facilities (other than in special circumstances such as public-facing murals).

Activities that are already completed. No retrospective funding.

Public services that are the responsibility of central government (e.g., core education, primary health care).

Private or “invite only” events or experiences.

Events or activities that have already received funding from other NCC teams or the Nelson Regional Development Agency for the delivery of the same aspects of the project.

Application assessment criteria:

A panel of three Nelson City Council staff will initially assess all applications. In some instances, applications will also be shared with technical specialists for their advice. If appropriate, this may include iwi or other cultural specialists.

The panel will use the following criteria to decide whether to support applications and to what extent the application:

1.Demonstrates links to Taonga Tuku Iho Heritage Strategy and/or the He Tātai Whetū Arts and Creativity Strategy. See both strategies on the Shape Nelson page.

2.Experiments, pushes new boundaries, and presents fresh ideas in delivery of arts and heritage experiences to the community.

3.Shows an element of working in partnership. This may include working with other not-for-profit organizations, funders, or sponsors. Applications should offer around 50% match funding. This can though, include non-financial benefits such as volunteer time (valued at $25/hr), foregone charges or free use of assets etc.

4.Applications are expected to include a proficient level of cultural competency. If a subject, story or location is known to be of specific interest to Māori, you are expected to provide information on how you have taken that into account. This should include engaging with Māori (including iwi). It should also include ensuring any use of matauranga Māori, te reo Māori or toi Māori is used appropriately by ensuring Māori participate in its planning and delivery.

5.A preference will be given to applications that have an affordable participation cost to the public and a reasonable cost to ratepayers. Organisers can charge attendance fees for events, but your application should demonstrate that receiving a grant would subsidise these charges to make the project more widely accessible.

6.A preference will be given to applications that demonstrate the potential for high-quality delivery. Can the applicant show evidence of past achievements or success?

Expectations for grant recipients to note:

Those receiving grants will be expected to meet the following expectations and these shall be defined in a written agreement:

1. A grant application must be submitted. This can be made either in person or using the online form on the Shape Nelson website.

2. Funded partners must sign a Community Grant Agreement with NCC (or its agents). See an example agreement in the document library.

3. Applicants agree to be responsible for carrying out health and safety risk assessments and shall provide a copy of their assessments to Council.

4. Applicants agree to credit NCC in any marketing or promotion of the activity. This shall include use of logos and sponsorship phrases in agreed ways.

5. Applicants agree to sharing promotion/ communications with the NCC Communication Team so they can amplify the impact of the project.

6. Applicants agree to provide a report to NCC after the activity been delivered. This shall include photographs/film, attendance numbers, and other details including spending. See the “Reporting Your Activity” survey on the Shape Nelson Arts/Heritage Partnership Grants homepage.

7. Applicants agree to comply with any other relevant Council Policies e.g., its Waste Minimisation Policy.