Why is Council doing this work?

Heritage is important for our communities and our iwi. It’s the stories that guide us. The buildings that contain us. And the land that supports us.

This year your Council is refreshing the Whakatū Nelson Heritage Strategy. This Strategy has two key goals.

First, it will guide your Council’s investment in heritage.

COVID-19 is having a big impact on how the Council uses its limited resources. This year is an important time as we prepare the Council’s 10 year Long Term Plan. The Council would like to consult with iwi and heritage-related organisations to understand which heritage priorities are most important for consideration in the Long Term Plan.

The second goal is to better understand how local iwi, heritage organisations and Council might work together to strengthen and support heritage in Whakatū Nelson.

We have heard some amazing things about the diversity of our heritage here in Whakatū Nelson. And we've heard about the desire for more collaboration.

You can read more in this summary of the one-on-one interviews we conducted.

And you can see the outcomes from the Heritage Community Hui here.

But this is just the start of the process. We will keep refining things over the coming months.

If you are involved in a heritage-related organisation in Whakatū Nelson, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the new strategy through a heritage community survey and a virtual heritage hui. This engagement will be undertaken in April through June 2020.

We will also share a draft strategy with you on Shape Nelson by early 2021. You will be able to share your feedback on the draft strategy.

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The new heritage strategy will inform the Council’s commitments in its new Long Term Plan. We have also been working on a 10-year plan for the Founders Heritage Park, which will feed into the heritage strategy.

A strategy working group will oversee the development of the strategy. Members of this open working group include:

Alison Dangerfield - Heritage NZ
Amanda Young - Local Archeologist
Jane du Feu - Whakatu Marae
Lucinda Blackley-Jimson - Nelson Museum
Mahina Marshall - Nelson City Council
Mike Scott - Nelson City Council
Pania Lee - Nelson City Council
Sarah Newman Watt - Nelson City Council
Alec Woods - Historical Society
Belinda Wheatley - Heritage Nelson
Barney Thomas - Department of Conversation
Nick Hall - Department of Conversation
Iwi representation to be confirmed