Nelson City Council (NCC) has a programme to renew our stormwater pipes when needed. We regularly check these pipes to determine whether they need to be replaced.

Parts of the main stormwater pipe in Vanguard Street are now showing signs of deterioration. It needs to be replaced to prevent future disruptions.

We need to dig up the old pipe and replace it (between 80 Vanguard Street and 146 Vanguard Street).

This work will be disruptive. Parking will be restricted along the sections of the affected road, the footpath will be closed, and traffic management (including speed restrictions) will be in place. When the work is underway there will also be noise and vibrations as we install the new pipe. We will do our best to minimise these disruptions where possible, and will be looking at night works to achieve this.

Work was planned to begin in early June, but material delays meant that this project will now begin on 18 September 2023. It is estimated to take approximately 2 weeks to complete (weather dependent).

You may see some minor work happening over the coming weeks. This is to complete some further investigations ahead of the main work starting. This will allow the project to be completed as quickly as possible.