The upgrade of the toilet at the Hockey Reserve has been put on hold.

Work will still occur to remove the clay pump track to make it easier to maintain the area.

Nelson City Council has successfully received funding to replace the current portaloo at the Hockey Reserve. This means that in May 2023 we will be installing an accessible, unisex single cubicle toilet.

We have received numerous requests for this, so it is exciting that we will be getting underway with this project soon.

We have also received queries from the community about the clay pump track that used to be on the north-west side of the playground.

After careful consideration, we have decided to take the opportunity to smooth out the lumps in this area while we have machinery on site for the toilet installation. We have found that the clay pump track is difficult to maintain, creating a safety issue. By smoothing out this area it will be easier to use and will be simpler for our contractors to keep tidy.

Please note there has been a slight delay due to contractor availability.