The Stoke Library building was issued a building consent in 2019 for significant structural alterations under Section 113 of the Building Act. The Conditions issued by the Territorial Authority stated that the consent was for a specified life of 5 years from the date of the application. This expires in January 2024.

Nelson City Council is undertaking work to the library roof required to extend the building consent for another 20years to align with the original 50-year design life of the building.

The purpose of this project is to future proof this valuable community asset and ensure continued operation of the library. The works will be planned to minimise the disruption to library users.

picture of stoke library with words "replacing the roof iron"

Will the library stay open?

Yes. The library and book drop will remain open.

What is Stage One?
Contractors will replace the existing skylight panels with corrugated iron roofing, install a new ceiling and lighting too.

What will happen?

A scaffold mezzanine will run the length of the library. This will be wrapped to limit noise disruption and prevent dust or objects falling

Will it be noisy?

Construction noise is expected. Any major disruptive tasks will take place outside normal library hours when possible. Disposable earplugs will be available.