Council is looking for community volunteers to grow and foster international relationships on behalf of Nelson City

Council is seeking interest from the public to reinvigorate or establish a sister city relationship with a North American city. Council sees the potential of a relationship with the US for opening up an exchange of ideas, cultures and trade and tourism links between the two cities.

Currently we have two options for US Sister Cities

Eureka, California – Nelson has an inactive relationship with the city of Eureka in California. The three remaining members of the Eureka Association have resigned, so we need new volunteers with sufficient interest to help reinvigorate the Nelson-Eureka relationship.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Nelson has been approached by the city of Portsmouth to establish a sister city relationship. If there is strong interest from the community to set up a relationship then this can be explored.

Nelson is lucky enough to have three active sister city relationships – two in China and one in Japan – click here for more information on these sister city links: Sister and friendly cities

If you would like to find out more, a meeting is being held on 28 May 2024 - from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Prince Albert (113 Nile Street). Please RSVP on the form below, or phone 03 546 0200 or email