Nelson City Council is proposing to grant easements to Wholesale Landscapes Limited for a right of way in Findlay Place and to drain waste and water, subject to public notice and Council consent.

An easement gives someone the right to use a section of land for a specific purpose even though they are not the owner of that land. Typically this is for an access way or for drainage.

Wholesale Landscapes Ltd wish to create a second entrance from Findlay Place to their land at 51 Saxton Road (Lot 2 DP 366503). This will allow them to develop a ‘one way’ system for delivery trucks. They will also need to drain waste and water over the reserve. See maps below.

The proposed route is across a Local Purpose Reserve (Road) at the end of Findlay Place that was intended to become formed road when this area is subdivided and developed.

The Reserve is approximately 13m2, slightly over 18 metres long and less than 1 metre wide.

Findlay Place is within the Industrial – Nayland Road South Zone and services a number of light industrial businesses. The road was built to a subcollector road standard in anticipation of increased traffic numbers when this area is developed in the future.

Any future developer of this area will be required to surrender the easements and construct an extension to Findlay Place over the Reserve land to Council standards.

Council’s Hearings Panel has provisionally approved the Easements over the Local Purpose Reserve in Findlay Place, subject to objections or submissions.

If any objections to the proposed easements are received, a further report will be required by the Hearings Panel to consider and make a decision on the objections.

Objections and submissions closed 10 February 2020.

Right of Way Easement – Findlay Place