Every day, millions of things that can be reused or recycled end up being thrown away, but we want to change that.

To seriously address climate change, we all need to take significant steps forward in our approach to waste.

At Nelson City and Tasman District Councils we are planning the review of our shared waste plan. This will be our opportunity to rethink waste, not just how we manage it, but how we reduce it and even avoid creating it in the first place.

To make these changes, we are all going to need to work together.

Over the next few months, we’d like your ideas on what our focus should be.

When it comes to waste, we want to know what your ideal world looks like, and what steps you think we can take together to get there.

The Government has recently released the updated New Zealand Waste Strategy, which will be the roadmap for the next three decades for a low-emissions, low-waste society. We are already well placed for actions in the strategy, such as collecting food waste and standardising recycling, but we’ll be taking some time to investigate the broader actions in the plan before starting our review, to make sure that our next Waste Plan is well aligned.

Meanwhile, we'll be saving your suggestions so when we start drafting a new waste plan for public consultation, we can incorporate them as appropriate.

Waste is everyone’s problem, and we all have a role to play in the solution. The little things we can all do will, together, make a big difference.

Public Information: All feedback (including your name and contact details) will be provided to Council officers for administration and analysing feedback, and to those who are involved in any decision-making for this project.

All feedback, including submitters names (unless you request otherwise), but not contact details, may be publicly available online. Note: Council is subject to the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and a request for official information may cover your feedback, including your address and other contact details.