Project complete

Council is excited to share that the Pump Track at the Maitai Recreation Hub is being rebuilt!

Andrew White, Group Manager Community Services acknowledged the feeling in the community after August 2022. "A lot of people were pretty upset when it was destroyed in the floods, a mere three months after it was opened to the public. We’re pleased to be able to bring this track back to the biking community.

"It will be built in a new location (further towards the Maitai Road and further away from the river) and will include improvements to the soak pits and drainage, but due to positive feedback, the design will remain the same."

Contractors are onsite this week. The project is expected to take 4 weeks.

We understand there'll be some really excited people out there after hearing this news, but we do ask that you do please keep clear of the site till it’s fully completed and you’ve been given the green light. We’ll let you know.

Pump-track before damage

Damage from August 2022 weather event