Latest Project Updates

The latest updates on the Princes Road underpass

Council strongly encourages people to use active modes of transport (walking, cycling etc.) where they can. With the new extension of Princes Drive crossing the Railway Reserve, Council wanted to provide the safest possible option to all people to continue using this well loved route to travel.

An underpass was determined to be the best option, so this will be constructed this year.

The underpass will be 4m wide, 2.5m high and 16m long and constructed out of pre-cast concrete panels. It will follow the current path of the Railway Reserve shared pathway.

While the project to connect the retirement village to Waimea Road is not a Council project, Council is working with the developer and the construction company to minimise the disruption from this project.

Note: The connection between the retirement village and the top end of Princes Drive will be constructed in the future. This is a private development and timeframes are yet to be determined.

The area indicated as Princes Drive in the below map is the road that will connect with Princes Drive. The name for this road is yet to be confirmed.

Final design for the Waimea Road Intersection