Organic food waste makes up a large volume of the waste that is currently taken to our regional landfill.

Not only does this waste take up space in our landfill, it also significantly contributes to the production of greenhouse gases as it decomposes over time.

To try and reduce the amount of organic waste going to our landfill we are going to trial the collection of organic kitchen waste from 220 randomly selected households across the city.

Participants will be provided with a bin (with a lid), that you can put your organic kitchen waste in. This would include organic waste such as vegetable waste, scrap food, bread, dairy, meat and coffee grounds. The bin isn’t for things like garden waste or lawn clippings.

The bin would need to be left beside your letterbox on Thursday mornings (by 7:30am), and would be collected and replaced with a clean bin. This collection will happen every week, and will run for 12 months. The trial has now started (February 2021).

If you are lucky enough to receive a letter indicating your household has been selected, then enter your details in the form below:

Long Term Plan: Organic Kitchen Waste Trial