Stoke Freshwater Management Unit

The Stoke Freshwater Management Unit (FMU) is made up of the small coastal streams to the south-west of Nelson City that flow into the Waimea Inlet. Land use in the lower reaches and nearer the coastline of this FMU is mostly urban and industrial. There is some pastoral land use in the upper reaches, and a dairy farm in the Saxton catchment. There is some production forestry and native bush areas in the upper catchment. The Saxton Creek catchment lies partly within Tasman District Council's boundaries.

The Stoke FMU has seven defined sub-catchments: Saxton; Orphanage; Orchard; Upper Poorman Valley; Lower Poorman; Jenkins; and Maire.

Parts of the Stoke FMU have some of the worst water quality in Nelson. Elevated nitrogen, phosphorus and faecal contaminants indicate the impacts of pastoral use. Existing and ongoing urban development in the middle and lower catchments has resulted in stream modification and loss of habitat. Modifications in the upper catchments have contributed to sediment discharges and impacts on flow conditions. Despite these challenges, many streams within the FMU support a good diversity of native fish including īnanga spawning areas. The FMU is valued for strong social-cultural connections to its urban community, including public access, amenity values, educational opportunities, and infrastructure.

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