To make our roads safer, we are proposing to change the speed limits in our city centre and on selected streets. If our community want to make these changes, then we need to change our Speed Limit bylaw.

The proposed changes include reducing the speed limit to 30km/h for roads in the city centre and home zones. The current speed limit for most of these roads is 50km/h, although 40km/h is the current speed limit for four of the home zone roads (being Atmore Terrace, Cleveland Terrace, part of Fifeshire Crescent and Mayroyd Terrace). A home zone is a neighbourhood street where there is no footpath on either side of the road).

Submissions on the Statement of Proposal have now closed.

Note: Any feedback on these streets will also inform the larger body of work which is the Speed Management Plan. This Plan relates to the speeds in all the streets in Nelson City. If you want to provide feedback on your specific street that is not part of this review - then you can do so here