Are you ready to shine a light on your passions and help ignite the same spark in others? My Time My Life is your opportunity to showcase your interests and hobbies and meet like-minded individuals in our community.

Join us for a series of three exciting events, culminating in a grand finale at Saxton. Whether you're an avid collector, a creative crafter, a master strategist, a club or an individual, we invite you to register your interest in hosting a stand and sharing your passion with others.

From coin collecting to mah-jong, flower pressing, music, and beyond, this event is a celebration of all the things that bring joy to your spare time. Don't miss out on the chance to connect with others, discover new hobbies, and explore the vibrant community around you.

Please note, this is not for commercial entities - it's all about connecting with others who share your passions and building lasting relationships. So why wait? Register your interest today.

Registrations close 21 April, 2023.