Nelson City Council (NCC) has a programme to renew our wastewater pipes when there is a need. We regularly check these pipes to determine if they need to be replaced.

The main sewer pipe from Wolfe Street into Montcalm Street now needs to be replaced to prevent future disruptions or damage to the environment.

This work will require us to dig up the old pipe and replace it with a new pipe. This work will be disruptive, including road closures noise and vibrations as we install the new pipe. We will do our best to minimise these disruptions where possible.

Access to Montcalm Street during the works will be limited due to the width of the road and the space required for our contractors to undertake the work safely.

For two weeks during the project Montcalm Street will need to be closed while we work in the narrow part of the street. The contractor will be in touch with you directly before this occurs.

This work is scheduled to begin mid-May 2023. It is estimated that this work will take around 8 weeks, depending on materials and weather.

Wolfe Street