Project Update

Once the pavement work is complete, boats will be able to be shifted onto the hardstand during the week starting 8 February 2021.

Work continues on the filtration system, which is expected to be completed in mid-February.

Until the filtration system can be completed, the existing rules will apply to the hardstand area. This includes no wet sanding and no water use (or extremely limited water use, requiring permission from the marina manager).

Thank you to everyone for your patience while this work has been underway.

Project Overview

The hardstand at the marina is due for an upgrade. To make sure we are meeting our consent requirements for the area, it needs to be sealed with asphalt, and have a new sand filtration system installed.

This work is expected to start at the end of November/beginning of December, and go through until February.

To minimise disruption to berth holders and commercial operators who use the Hardstand, six temporary bays will be available for use inside the fenced area to the West of the existing Hardstand.

They will remain operational for the duration of the works.

Any work carried out in the temporary space must not create environmental contaminants. This means activities are limited to dry-sanding with a vacuum and using a geotextile drop cloth. No wet sanding can take place, nor can work be carried out in wet weather.

In the future, Council is looking to expand the hardstand to 22 bays by 2029.