It's all change for local democracy in Nelson Whakatū in 2022. Voters will be asked to take part in an election that includes:

  • A new Single Transferable Vote system
  • A Māori ward
  • A new ward system (details to be confirmed)

Council will be helping the public to understand how these changes will work over the next year, but we are also looking at ensuring under-represented groups understand or are able to vote or stand in the election. We want our next election to be the most accessible election possible.

To do that we would like to hear your ideas about what barriers there may be to participation in your community, and the sort of action, information and communication that could help.

Council staff will be visiting community groups in person in the coming year, but before we do that we would like to hear from you via the questionnaire below. You do not need to give us your name and contact details if you would prefer to remain anonymous, but it may be useful for us to contact you to talk about your suggestions.

If you have any questions please contact Devorah Nicuarta-Smith using the contact details to the right.