Latest Project Updates

On 12 November 2020, Nelson City Council agreed to decrease the speed limit in the City Centre to 30km/h. The majority of streets changed from 1 December 2020, with Selwyn Place changing on 1 May 2021.

Following the initial change, we will be introducing a number of initiatives to make the road even safer for all users. These changes will be made in stages, as the success of the previous stage will determine what is required for the next stage. The stages are:

Stage 1: Installation of speed limit signs and road markings.

Stage 2: This stage will involve reducing the width of the vehicle lanes. This will have the effect of lowering vehicle speeds. The left-over road space will form a centre median or shoulder where possible, creating a space for pedestrians to wait while crossing.

The median or shoulder areas may have trees and gardens installed. Council will also create a threshold treatment at either end of Selwyn Place where the reduced speed limits begin and end.

Vehicle speed and volume monitoring after the changes to line markings will inform the extent of changes required in later stages.

Stage 3: This stage will involve the installation of an additional pedestrian crossing between Morrison Street and Sussex Street.

Council's vision for improving the city centre will be taken into consideration, and "placemaking" improvements may be made. This could include street trees, planters and other street furniture.