We want to hear from you!

We run hundreds of projects a year, from road resurfacing through to community events. These projects may have a direct impact on you.

A key part to these projects is to hear from our stakeholders, which includes you. We want to find out how we can best engage with you, so we can find out your thoughts on these projects. That way Council can make informed decisions, and you can be confident you've had a chance to have your say.

Shape Nelson is our new online tool to start engaging in the digital space. Use the tools on this page to let us know your thoughts.

How should Council engage with you?

If there is a project that could affect you, then how do you want to tell Council about it? You can have a conversation with other Nelsonians here
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Try our "drop a pin" map

You can use this if you want to make a comment on a particular project that requires location information from the public

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