Project complete

Project Updates - Hill Street watermain

Nelson City Council staff have brought forward two projects in the Hill Street North area so they can be carried out at the same time and completed earlier.

Resealing the road on Hill Street North was scheduled for late 2023. However, as the area also contains an ageing watermain that needs to be replaced, staff are bringing forward both jobs so that they start in November.

This work will be done in two stages.

Stage 1: November 2022 to January 2023 - 5 Hill Street North to 29 Hill Street North

Stage 2: Financial Year 2023/24 - 29 Hill Street North to 43 Hill Street North

The water pipe being replaced during Stage 1 is showing signs of failure, so its replacement is essential to prevent future water disruptions. We also plan to increase the size of the pipe to cater for increased water demand in the area and to improve the flow of water if used by firefighters.

This stage of the work will improve the resilience of our water supply by creating an additional link between the Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council networks.

When this work occurs, we will do our best to make sure that any inconvenience is minimised, but there will potentially be disruption including noise and vibration as the new pipe is installed.

Access from Mako Street and Fullford Drive to Hill Street North will be closed for the duration of Stage 1 works. There will also be some disruption to water supply towards the end of the works to accommodate connection of new watermain and laterals (the pipes that run from the watermain to houses).

We will let residents know about these potential disruptions closer to the time when they might occur.

Construction work will pause during the Christmas break and then continue for another few weeks in early 2023.