Nelson City Council is committed to the sustainable harvesting of our commercial forests. We also recognise the role these forests play in recreation use in our region.

It's now time to harvest some blocks of trees in the Brook area.

The harvesting of these blocks was delayed in 2020 to allow commercial recreation businesses that operate either near or within commercial blocks to continue operating after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Nelson City Council’s contractor PF Olsen will be undertaking a five-month harvesting project. This includes pre-harvest engineering work and post-harvest cleanup operation, with the actual harvesting period expected to take approximately three months.

Once the work is complete, all the harvested areas in the Brook will be retired from commercial forestry and replaced with alternative use species.

The upcoming harvest will be conducted in three phases and will involve closures of reserves in the Codgers Trails area and the start of the Matai Valley. The harvest is being phased to minimise disruption to reserve users while ensuring their safety and the safety of those working on site.

Phase 1 will commence mid-June (from 24 June 2021) and last for two months. During this phase, the north side of Codgers near Atmore Reserve down to the Maitai Valley Walkway will be closed, including recreational trails crossing Fireball Road, Top Dog Road and Golf Course Road.

This includes:
Turners, Top Dog, Beer Bottle, Lollipop, Take Me To Your Leader, HotBox, DiVAS, Smasher (and Smasher link trail), Fireball Road, Te Ara Kopiko, Golf Course Road and Groom Creek Road.

Phase 2 will commence on 28 July and last up to two weeks. This phase will see the Tantragee Reserve closed.

This includes:
The Tantragee Walkway and Coppermine Trail.
Fringed Hill Road will be closed during Phase 2.

This phase will affect some residents living below this harvesting, and there will be some temporary traffic control. Affected residents will be contacted directly.

The Exclusion Zone will be in place until Tuesday 3 August.

The Coppermine Trial will be reopened when the site has been cleared.

Planting of the area (with native trees) will be finished by Friday 6 August.

Phase 3 will commence in August and last until mid-September. This phase will see the closure of the majority of trails in Codgers recreation area, up to the Tantragee Saddle and down into the Maitai Valley.

This includes:
Tasman Journeys, Crazy Horse, Firball Drop out, the lowest sections of Firball and P51, Tu Meke, Gully, Young Codgers, Fringed Hill Climb.

The Coppermine Trail from the Brook will remain open during this phase.

Ngāti Koata land from the Maitai Motor Camp via Groom Creek to Tantragee Saddle will be closed during all phases of the harvest, including recreational trails crossing Groom Creek Road and Fireball Road.

Harvested trees will be transported via Maitai Valley Road and Nile Street. As has been discussed with schools, logging trucks will not exceed 30kph when passing schools. Trucks will also not travel past schools during the hours of 8:15 - 9:15 am and 2:45 - 3:45 pm during the school term.

Following this project, there will be further harvesting work in the Maitai Valley between the dam and Poleford Bridge.