There are some amazing sportsgrounds here in Nelson, and Council intends to develop and consult on a city-wide Sportsground Reserve Management Plan to ensure sportsgrounds are looked after so that everyone can enjoy them.

Prior to this work being done, classification of all the land at Greenmeadows, Stoke needs to be completed so that the classification aligns with the way in which the land is currently being used.

Council gave notice of its proposal to classify part of Greenmeadows in December 2019. No submissions or objections were received in relation to the proposal. However, due to a procedural error it is necessary to re-notify the proposal.

Accordingly, Council is consulting on a proposal to classify part of Greenmeadows Reserve as:

  • Local Purpose (Community Purposes) Reserve - shaded orange on the map below.
  • Local Purpose (Road) Reserve – shaded red on the map below.

Council has already made the decision to classify the remainder of the Reserve ‘Recreation Reserve’ - shaded green on the map below.

Following consultation on this proposal, Council will hear from those who wish to speak on their objection or submission.The hearings are tentatively scheduled for 21 October 2020. Council will then deliberate on objections and submissions before making its decision.

Download the public notice.

You can see the Council decision to consult on the proposal here.