A number of our rivers and streams have been severely damaged during the recent weather events.

Work is now ongoing across multiple waterways, addressing a variety of flood issues. This includes clearing vegetation debris, clearing flood gravel build-up in rivers and culverts and remediating bank/retaining wall erosion and services damage.

This is done through a variety of methods including planting, rock armouring, timber and piped services repairs. It often involves people and machinery getting into the rivers.

All our work has ecologists involved in the methodology, and they are often onsite to oversee the work, including fish salvage.

This work has been underway since August 2022 but has taken a big step forward from February 2023.

Work will continue through the winter and will ramp up in the Spring and Summer months when river flows are lower. This makes it safer and more effective to work, and it is also outside of key fish spawning times.

Work is focused on high-risk sites but will also address lower and medium sites where we can. The work requires site investigations, design, costing and then scheduling and involves a number of expert people in the process.

If you have concerns about your property near our rivers please get in touch with our Customer Service Centre on 03 546 0200 or email enquiry@ncc.govt.nz.