Glenduan Reserve was used following the August 2022 flooding/slip event to store slip material. Council intends to remove the stockpile in March 2023, and this provides us with an opportunity to work with the community to improve the area.

This area includes the “Village Green” and the land that has previously been grazed to the south of the Village Green area.

We have developed a simple landscape plan to talk about the future use of the reserve, which incorporates feedback that we have already received from some of the community.

We know that the area gets waterlogged in the wet months, and so we wanted to see if the community would value the land that was previously grazed being turned into a wetland with a walkway through it. We are also planning to improve the surface of the "Village Green".

Keep an eye on this page in the coming months as work will get underway. A big thank you to everyone who provided feedback.