Every year we work to maintain the footpaths and drains around the city, fixing damage or areas that need safety improvements.

Project Name Duration Start Finish
Black Street 22 days 6-Mar-23 1-Apr-23
Langbein Street 32 days 20-Mar-23 15-May-23
Buxton Street 24 days 3-Apr-23 22-Apr-23
Derby Street 22 days 7-Apr-23 9-May-23
Reeves Street 12 days 1-May-23 15-May-23
Aldinga Ave 11 days 1-May-23 15-May-23
Neale Ave 12 days 15-May-23 30-May-23
Quarantine Road 22 days 1-May-23 30-May-23
Douglas Road 37 days 10-Jun-23 30-Jul-23
Stafford Ave 44 days 1-Jul-23 30-Aug-23
Cawthron Cres 57 days 15-Jul-23 30-Sep-23
Quarantine/Bolt Road 11 days 1-Aug-23 15-Aug-23
Kidson Place 11 days 1-Aug-23 15-Aug-23
Airlie Street 5 days 11-Sep-23 15-Sep-23
Todds Valley Road 12 days 15-Sep-23 30-Sep-23
Mill Street 22 days 15-Sep-23 30-Sep-23
Bronte Street 4 days 11-Oct-23 15-Oct-23
Charlotte Street 12 days 15-Oct-23 30-Oct-23
Rata Street 15 days 11-Nov-23 30-Nov-23
Examiner Street 12 days 15-Nov-23 30-Nov-23
Abraham Heights 23 days 15-Nov-23 15-Dec-23