Every year we work to maintain the footpaths and drains around the city, fixing damage or areas that need safety improvements.

Street Estimate Start Estimate Finish
Examiner Street Complete
Lemari Avenue 3 weeks
Tennyson Cresent 22-Jan 2 weeks
Main Rd Stoke 12-Feb 4 weeks
Chamboard Place 18-Mar 3 weeks
Quarantine Road 25-Mar 3 weeks
Quarantine/Bolt Road 25-Mar 3 weeks
Abraham Heights 2-Apr 2 weeks
Market Road 8-Apr 2 weeks
Karaka Street 15-Apr 1 week
Waimea Road 20-Apr 4 weeks
Airlie Street 13-May 3 weeks
Bronte Street TBD
Marsden Road TDB