Nelson City Council established the emergency fund to ensure that community organisations involved in the city’s response to COVID-19 are supported to maintain their existing and continuing services for the benefit of the Nelson community. The additional financial support being provided is to help organisations to continue to operate in the response/recovery phase of the pandemic.

Applications have closed.


Grants are provided to assist not for profit organisations to deliver services. Funding will be available to support organisations to maintain a level of service and for some a need for an increase in capacity for a short time to respond to the COVID-19 recovery.

Who can apply

Organisations must be locally based and not for profit, provide services to the wider community or specific community sectors, be able to provide verified accounts on request, and provide a budget showing the shortfall in expected funding and any predicted demands on future services in relation to the COVID-19 recovery. Priority will be given to Community and Welfare activities.

What can be funded

Costs associated with administration and office costs, staff, loss of income and predicted increases in demand relating to COVID-19.

Other Conditions:

  • Services must be of direct benefit to the people of Nelson City.
  • Grants will not be considered for costs associated with previous debt servicing.
  • Applicants must have applied for all Central Government support that may be eligible for such as wage subsidies.
  • Applicants must account for the expenditure of funds specifically for the grant received.

Monitoring and Reporting

Organisations receiving funding are required to provide a short summary on how the funding was utilised, services delivered and proof of expenditure with six months.

Decision Making

Allocation decisions to be made by the panel consisting of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chair of Community Services Committee on a weekly basis.